• A once in 200 year opportunity to create a vibrant new place to live, work and visit
  • Barangaroo reconnects the CBD to the harbour and opens it up to the public. More than 50% of the entire site will be public space with a new park and 100% access to the public waterfront.
  • Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community.
Barangaroo South contains the majority of the commercial and residential buildings as well as shopping, dining, hospitality, cultural and public places.It will be an authentic and dynamic part of the city including:
  • 280,000sqm of world class office space for 23,000 professional and financial services workers;
  • a landmark international luxury hotel;
  • 80-100 retail outlets for workers and visitors; and
  • 800 waterfront residential apartments for a 1,500 strong community.
Barangaroo South develops Sydney’s role as Australia’s financial capital, increases its competitiveness as a business destination in the Asian region and enhances Sydney’s position as one of the most spectacular harbour cities in the world.